Monday, September 7, 2009

This is My first post.

Hi Every body,
this is my first post. Just before 10 minutes i have created this blog "Blog Degree". Naming this blog such that(Blog Degree) is the people who follows my blog and completes the course they will considered as they have completed their "blogging graduation course".

Actually i know a very little about blogging. I have been interested in blogging from past 2 years but unfortunately i never get the time to work on blogs. From last two months i got enough time to search about blogs...amazing to my knowledge about blogs i came to know a truth about blogs is "Blogging is an Ocean". There will be never an ending to education. So, i decide myself to prepare a notes on blogging which will be helpful for me understanding about blogging. During this process i have collected a lot of information, tricks and tips about blogging including blog hacking. I thought this information will be useful for other new bloggers. cause when i was searching for the information about blogs, i have encountered with so many websites and blogs which offers the bloggers tricks. But when i try to implement them they have not the process of trail and error of implementing those tricks i made a database...which gives accurate information about blogging. All this info. i am going to offer as a course to you(Totally Free). To assure you that this information is accurate i will try my level best to present the information through videos.

I am giving some proofs about myblog...which declares that "my blog is not any worth now". I am posting this in my first post only cause i am going to improve my page rank, alexa rank, technorati rank very soon with my assuming SEO analysis. Wish me best of luck and i wish too for you.